My bro Goonie just bought me some stuff, a Penicorn and a kickass Madness Poster. Say THANKS to him!

Where have I been?

2010-12-13 08:18:20 by BillysProgrammer

Away from newgrounds and the entire scene. Been all tied up with school lately but now I'm back, packing heat with a lot of more experiences to share and more knowledge to give. Got a few projects under my sleave, check beck often for more updates.

If You Could Nominate A Mod

2009-11-14 22:04:59 by BillysProgrammer

I have been noticing lately that a lot of people are finally deciding to go around and help the people of the forums. Over the last year, I noticed a great improvement in many people, including animators and programmers with all the help. So, without further ado, if you could nominate anyone on the forums, not including your own, that has been helping a lot, kept active, and overall been a friendly friend guy (uni-sex term), who would you nominate? Dont forget to leave a link to their page and a brief explanation why they should be nominated.

I myself would have to nominate Flaminggranny. In the short time he has been here, I noticed he has a pretty good knowledge of flash and is able to help others in good detail. He is a fun person to be around and he has been very active on the forums, especially with making his games for us! I love this guy (no homo) and I love his games, gracious man.

So, without any more lag-time, lets get started!

Suggested so far:
- GustTheASGuy
- Archon68
- Deathcon7
- Yambanshee (In descretion)
- PBass (2 Votes)

If You Could Nominate A Mod