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I was uncomfortable... and turned on. I hated it.

It's just a damn crayon talking for a few moments. Give a little substance or something next time. If I am missing some pun here, so be it, but this isn't something really worth anything right now.

braveman30 responds:

It’s just a scene for the episode it’s not the full project. This is just the scene I got assigned with and then I animated it and uploaded here.

It's been a long time since I have been on newgrounds and I see this and I am blown away. Amazing job. I actually just got into making music so listening to this was not only a treat but the video that goes along with it is beautiful! Thank you for this fine piece of art. I hope to see even more from you.

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Really like the art. Simple gameplay but enjoyable. Love the sound effects. Camera needs some work, it doesnt zoom in after you make it to the end so its hard to see. Repetitive though, needs some sort of award or upgrade system.

Graphics need work, the style isn't bad, but you have other entity body parts overlapping the main character when you walk through them. Also, the background is very repetitive, try to mix it up a bit. I like the particle effects and camera effects when killing enemies but with only one type of attack it gets boring fast.

Enemies - hit boxes suck, giant squares, its easy but at least try to shape them a little bit so you don't die so easily when jumping over them. Also since certain enemies can attack, only kill the player or do damage WHEN they attack, touching them shouldn't kill you instantly in my opinion.

The... ending. The boulder threats and this cop stuff is such a meme and really kinda kills the game. I didn't like the ending, if the meme was your intention then cool but otherwise BOO

GamingOverdose responds:

I will try to upgrade the graphics and fix some of the technical things in the update.

Can't even play it, only errors out with the targets. Also, for design, make sure it is easy to tell its a box that you need to type into. Or make it some sort of button press mechanic, increase by 5 or drop box kind of mechanic

GizzyGazzy360 responds:

turns out a colon isn't enough of a que for people.

anyways as i said in the response before this one, press the RETURN key, or the ENTER key to start it.

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Drugs for the ears

I really enjoyed this dub, man it was so smooth taking in and just made me wow! I would love to hear some more of these, great job man!

dietsnapple135 responds:

Thanks so much! I definitely plan on releasing some more stuff soon. :D

This was really great!

I just bought this, and I am listening to it ATM. This is amazing.

My Favourite Artists from the list so far:

Jessee Valentine
& last but not least Redmoon Deejay

Nice Loop

It does go through a pretty good loop, just a like 1/8th second of a pause before it starts, otherwise good.

UberCream responds:

Actually - I've tested this out - when you download it and just open it on audacity and set it to loop, it doesn't seem to have that 1/8th second pause thing. Thanks, though!

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Wow, this is an amazing piece of artwork. Great job, I love all of your art, very well detailed and structured and gives a realism effect along with it.

Continue with your work, your going to be rich one day! =)

I am a web developer for WebDKR. I am somewhat new to PHP, been doing for a little while (not little..) and I am slowly getting better thanks to #ngprogramming (Mainly DearonElensar) HI NEWGROUNDS!

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